Laurel stew with green beans and potato croquette topping

10 idee di ricette per il tuo menù delle feste delete

La stagione festiva è il momento ideale per rinnovare il tuo menù, introducendo piatti deliziosi e gustosi nel tuo ristorante per attrarre nuovi clienti e mantenere alte le vendite.

10 x recipe ideas for your holiday menu

The holiday season is the perfect time to change your menu and bring in delicious and tasty dishes to your restaurant to attract new customers and keep your sales up. Not sure how to give your menu a holiday makeover? These 10 holiday recipes offer a plenty of menu inspiration during the holiday season and give your guests coziness and warmth through these months.

Our top 4 products for the holiday season:


1. Pom’ Duchesse
Our Pom' Duchesse is a real topper for your holiday menu. These potato puffs are made from the most delicious mashed potatoes. You can combine them endlessly with all kinds of winter vegetables, meat or fish.

2. Gratin
Our potato gratins go with many dishes. Whether meat, fish or vegetable dishes you can make very nice combinations with our gratins and you can also use them as a tasty decoration on the plate for your guests. Thanks to a crispy crust and creamy potato taste. Gratins also have a quick cooking time in the oven. 

3. Churros
Did you know that you can serve churros anytime of the day? Churros is always a good idea! Ready in 3 minutes and with a great margin, our Straight Churros are ideal for takeaways, coffee shops, restaurants and pubs. Serve with fruit and ice-cream, enable customers to create their own, match your toppings to flavors of the season or serve with a range of dips. Succes guaranteed!

4. Sweet potatoes
Special fries made from sweet potatoes. They have a lightly sweet flavor and a natural orange colour. Easy to prepare in an oven, deep fryer, or combi steamer and come with a special coating that makes them extra crispy. Sweet potato fries pair well with burgers, hotdogs, and various meat or fish dishes. Their sweet flavor also makes them a great fit for mixed snack boards or sharing platters. These fries are suitable for gluten-free and vegetarian diets.