Churros: a best-seller on every menu!

Churros are extremely popular. These magical dough snacks are sure to do well on your menu. Add the taste of Spain!

Tasty at any time of the day 

Churros are a well-known Spanish dessert that is quite popular in the US.  The Spanish eat it for breakfast – but also into afternoon or late evening. They are therefore sold everywhere in Spain. Churros are made with simple choux pastry fried in hot oil and coated in cinnamon sugar. We can’t get enough of their soft centers, crisp edges, and sweet coating. 



Misu churros aviko

Churros as a finger food or dessert 

Is Churros really an authentic Spanish dish? It is said that Portuguese navigators discovered the churro in China. This snack is still eaten there as a breakfast dish under the name youtiao. One thing is certain: the Spanish introduced the churro to Latin America, where people quickly fell in love with the sweet snack. 

Classic churros or straight Churros 

Aviko has two variants in its range. The classic Churros and the straight Churros. The straight churros resemble elongated donuts, thereby making them easy to fit in a cone. The churros are suitable for a lactose-free, vegetarian, and vegan diet. 

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